Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring is Sprunging

I poked my head out in Central Park today. Much like Punxsutawney Phil, I felt obliged to check out the situation. Plus I needed to get out of the flat.

Glorious out there!

The daffodils are in bloom. The boats are lined up ready to be used by lovers and other sordid types. I mean, "assorted types."

Though it is still cool out one can feel the drumbeat of roller blades and see the advancing smoke signals of pickenick blankets being laid out.

Gotham's Batcave?

OH TO BE A PART OF LIFE. Instead of apart from it. That is why people read books on park benches instead of at home. That is why museums offer free days. This city bursts with possibility and hope. I have to say. It just does.

I am thrilled beyond measure to be here. I embrace every blade of grace and want to roll in it all save for the poop. But there is burn out as well. I am just discovering that. I have burnt myself to the core lately and now I have to retreat only to venture into this glorious park to renew.

It looks to be a glorious Spring.


Charlotte said...

[waves] Hi, Patrick! I'm here practically on your doorstep! (:D [/waves] I have been having a blast in Man.Hat.In. myself the past two days! (Despite having arrived with a cold already. Achoo!) But I still love reading your perspective on all things Apple of Bigitude. You make this place seem so much more magical and romantic than it, y'know, actually is. Hee. But then again, I've been mostly taking work meetings since I've been here. Need to branch out into the magic and romance aspects of it at some point instead. Soon! ;D

Looking forward to seeing you for lunch tomorrow! And can't wait for you to meet my man. :) Where and what time?

skipper said...

You should make your blog look like a spreadsheet so I can read it at work!