Sunday, April 20, 2008


Brad and I took our asses down to the Lower East Side this morning to the Russian and Turkish Baths. This place has been around since 1892. That is over 100 years to you and me! It was amazing. There are so many forms of steam to begin with: There is the Russian Sauna which has 20, 000 lbs of cooked rock that gives off radiant heat. Ouch. You dump buckets of cold water over your head. Very 3 Stooges. Nyuck, nyuck! And right outside this is what they call the Ice Cold Pool. The "Pool So Cold Your Little Guys Recede and You Never See Them Again Pool" would not fit on the sign. There is also a redwood sauna, an aromatherapy room, a Turkish room and a Swedish Shower. So international. It almost sounds like names of Guantanamo procedures, but they are all just really relaxing. If you do want to border on telling what you think they want to know, you can even pay extra to get beaten with Platza Oak Leaves. By a specialist. (wink) There is even a roof to lie out on afterwards to watch the steam rise off your body.

All in all I left there feeling A-mazing.

English is definitely a second language here.

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