Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cherry Lane Theatre on Commerce Street

Tonight I went to see two Edward Albee one-acts: The American Dream and The Sandbox. They were performed at my new favorite theatre, The Cherry Lane Theatre. I just had an instant feeling of joy when I turned on to the street and went inside. It is in a tucked away part of the Village and you can really feel Beckett and Albee and Ionesco who all put up plays here in their day. Albee is still doing it. Of course I am able to turn a night out into all about me and why didn't I just move to New York in the 60s and become an off-Broadway avant garde playwright. I was 7 when the 60's came to a close, but that would have only added to my mystique. Absurdism would have come effortlessly. But my parents wanted me to stay in Sister Natalie's class and finish 2nd Grade. All I remember about 2nd grade is Jean Fahey.

I had to go to the Men's Room upstairs in this theatre that was once a brewery in the 1800s and then a tobacco warehouse and box factory. The door to the gent's was SO tiny it felt like you needed a "DRINK ME" bottle just to get in to expel. I asked a guy to take my photo. I hope he knew that I was on the up and up. I wanted my sexfootthree frame in the shot for perspective. I tried to art direct him, but the poor guy was doing me a favor. Still I wanted it right. I am a blogger after all and I owe my readers. Damn, I guess my head could not fit through the door either.

I swear I am even taller than this against this door. Oh well.

Taken without permission.

The plays were fine. I am going to think about them a little longer. I sat next to a lovely older couple. The husband is a theatre professor in Hilton Head and they have a place in the city and a place in Hilton Head and they go to Mexico (Old or New I couldn't make out) for the winter. We talked about Albee during the intermission. I have no idea why the Cherry Lane is not on Cherry Lane, but Commerce Street is old and cool and we bade farewell on the street and I walked down the lane just as a crowd of people were loading a bleeding dog into an SUV. I thought "There is my absurd idea!"

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