Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Get OFF!

I had meetings all day and was out the door in the morning. Met up with Fidelma and we had a lovely 4pm lunch after I worked some more on the computer when I got back. It was a lovely day here and we walked through the park all they way down to 5th Avenue and then over to 50th and Broadway. As it happened I got talking to one of the African sales people of the Step On Step Off bus tours. Cut to next scene and we are on the night tour atop an open-air double decker.

I rolled my eyes at my friend Brian when he suggested we do this in Munich some years back. But they really do give you a comprehensive tour of the City. And for $49 bucks (pocket change to someone from the Celtic Tiger country of Ireland) it is an amazing value as it gives you the night tour plus two more days of on and off touring AND the Circle Line Boat tour And Free City of New York Museum access. Ginzu knife set was not far behind.

We had a great guide who showed us all over. I especially loved being shown the window where the engineer of the Brooklyn Bridge sat bedridden after being paralyzed by the bends and looked out at the construction of his beloved bridge. He window is still there! This was a 2 hour tour and it was excellent. I learned a lot and loved it. Tomorrow we tackle more.

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