Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Went to This Place and I Saw This Thing

Oh, I am just fit be to tied that I cannot talk about what I did tonight. Arggghhhhhh! I went to this place and I saw this thing. It was a taping for a new FAB show that is going to air on the FAB channel where I used to work. It is hosted by this great singer guy who is married to a great singer gal and he interviewed a LEGEND who sang and told great stories and that is all I can say. My teeth are biting down on my index finger, I want to GUSH! I even saw them in the green room. Arrggghhh. Now you know it is GREEN!

I can say it was taped at Rockefeller Center in the, wait for it... LEGENDARY Saturday Night Live Studio. All the famousest photos were on the wall and I was DIE-YING! You knew you were swathed (and partially steeped) in history. I even saw Rachel Dratch there and I wanted to tell her how I always used to want to be Bono from U2, but now I want to be Tina Fey, but I reasoned that she would not really want to hear any of that so I let her be.

In the elevator which famous people use to get to their work. (Geek-o-rama award goes to ME!!)

Brad and I had excellent seats in the front of the balcony tier in this intimate space. All the ghosts were in this place; it was cool. We sat next to four Canadian women. I think if you want to spy on a country, hire Canadians. They plain look like everyone else, but they are in fact Canadian! Arrgghh. I felt like I gave away something. Okay the guy's famous wife may (or may not) be Canadian. Argghhh. There I go! But they look like everyone else so she may not be. See, I threw you off!

Speaking of fine lines there is a fine ass line between a tourist dork and a semi-professional blogger when it comes to snapping photos. I look like a tourist dork, but I am really a semi-professional blogger. I wanted to snap the SNL studio but I was stopped by an aging Page! I love those pages. I wish I was a page. It is like pre-law for entertainment to be a page. I was not. I worked at Walgreens in the camera department. That is where I got my qualifications for working in entertainment. I won a bet when I worked at Walgreen's that I could fit inside a box of Pampers. I was bored; they were training me for management. I still feel guilty. But I won the bet.

Anyway, I tried to throw you off of what I can not talk about until December. Jordan the most excellent producer at my most excellent place of working told me not to blog about it until December 3rd. That is hell of far away. So I leave you with this: Watch this show I cannot tell you about in December on that channel where I used to work and write and tell them that you loved it and I didn't even mention it to you until after Thanksgiving.


Lisa Lee said...

Wait.. you saw Rachel's photo or you saw Rachel? Was she in the show too or just in the audience? Just curious. I run a site for her. :)

Sounds fun!

Lisa Lee said...

Never mind. Someone else blogged about it and talked about what it is too, so now you can be free to express yourself! ;)