Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Algonquin OR How I Choose to Luncheon

The Group (with somewhat more intellectual/dressier crowd in mural behind)

Just when I think I am settling into an ordinary life in New York I get to say to someone on the cell phone "I gotta run. I am meeting friends for lunch at the Algonquin." It is sentences like that that keep me amused. They may sound smug, but at least they are truthful. And smug. With a dash of quaint dorky touristyness.

Charlotte Fullerton and I used to work together many years ago at Fox Kids. She and her boyfriend Dwayne McDuffie, creator of "Static Shock," are in town to go to Comicon. Dwane is there to represent "Ben 10" for Cartoon Network. Charlotte, the instigator of all things wacky and creative, decided to bring her friends together in the room where the ghosts of Robert Benchley and Dorothy Parker roam. It was an excellent idea and I applaud her as she walks into the virtual room of this blog for having the idea and executing it. My friend Brad Griffith who works in international marketing at Warner Bros. joined and we met Cheryl Blaylock, Actress/Writer/Puppeteer/Documentary Filmaker, Livia Beasley, Writer/Producer and President of Women in Children's Media. and Josephine Cashman, Actress. Cheryl and I both unintentionally happened to be reading books that we had on our persons that were written by personal friends. Mine was "Cindy Ella" by Robin Palmer. Maybe Cheryl will write in and plug her friend's book.

(Patrick, Livia, Dwayne, Cheryl, Josephine, Brad. Bon Mots strewn on table in foreground.)

It was all very air-kissy, literate and Algonquinian. I loved it.

I had the Salad Nicoise.
Earlier and Later that Day:
My beloved pal Michael Acker and his partner Fabio Arajuo flew in from San Francisco this morning. We met in Bryant Park which is IN-credible right now with the weather being so nice. Had a coffee by the fountain. Michael works for Popchips, this healthy snack food that is really truly great. You can get them at or fine food emporiums west of the Rockies. Hey, I plug my friends! (Wait, that came out SO wrong.)
In the evening we went to the Jeff Bailey Gallery on W. 25th for a whine and cheese for The New York City Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project. My friend Jerry Blake is on the board. It was a good event with really nice people. The very office supply inspired Martin McMurray paintings were such a nice segue way into our next stop, the Minetta Lane Theatre to see "Adding Machine."
I loved it. Great cast and the bleak musical was in a way thrilling to me. Go see it if you are in New York.


Anonymous said...

What a cheerful, happy-go-lucky blog. It's marvelous. And who are all those gorgeous folks you're eating lunch with? ;)

Charlotte said...

We made the blog! Woo! (;D

Sooo wonderful to get to see you, Pat. And you look the same! Even after all these years! (Be sure to keep that decrepit portrait in the attic safe.)