Monday, December 7, 2009


There is this one hour yoga class at the Y on W. 63rd street on Monday mornings that is so great. It is like therapy, exercise and meditation all rolled into one. I am a fan.

Since my sciatica decided to come back after being abroad for 12 years, I have tried to do what I remember from that hunky witch doctor of a physical therapist I had in Los Angeles who "cured" me and saved me from the knife.

I stretch, I try and sit straight and have good posture. I also am working more on my core. And yoga (not ego) is a big part of this restoration I feel. But 90 minutes is just TOO much. This class is an hour of bliss and hard work.

I have been thinking lately that two top beauty secrets are good posture and a good attitude. I am struggling with both, but working on it.

Think about it. You see someone walk down the street and they have good posture and a good attitude and you notice them. And you feel better too.

Imagine what we could all do for each other by smiling and getting erect.

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