Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Non-Wedding Reception

The "groom" and I

My pal Eddie was to get married today, but he called it off. Better before than after, I presume. So instead of being in kilts and at a reception hall, we were in dungarees and at a beer hall - namely O'Neill's on 3rd Avenue. I have been here once before and it is a great place to listen to a traditional Irish music seisiún. This kind of music is part of my soul, I think.

Great to see everyone and have a carry on and hear some good music. It was a nasty night mind, but the slushy snow and rain let up and I was able to get over and back with not much hassle.

All I know is this is the time you support your people regardless and it felt good to be there and "celebrate' with Eddie and hope for the right match for him and his former fiancee in the future.

The gang was all here.

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