Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bryant Park Hotel

Went to a screening of Welsh film "I Know You Know" directed by Justin Kerrigan and starring Robert Carlyle. It was a very interesting film that took a surprising turn and became very personal. I liked that a lot.

There was a reception beforehand in the penthouse at the Bryant Park Hotel. There was a balcony that looked over Bryant Park that was amazing. I was so taken with the view that I got complete strangers to follow my lead and go look. I am incapable of keeping something to myself.

It was so high up I saw ants skating on ice below and there were no barriers between you and plummeting to certain death. That I found thrilling in an odd head-needs-to-be-examined kind of way. Nonetheless I met some interesting people and got reacquainted with others. It is amazing who you can meet while hopped up on ice water.

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Criticlasm said...

There's ice skating at Bryant park now?! Jealous!!