Sunday, December 13, 2009

Brunching with the 37th Most Powerful PERSON in Birmingham.

Reunion. St. Anne's Warehouse. Wet and happy.

After over 17 years Helga Henry and I met up on a rainy day in DUMBO in Brooklyn. We met in London through our dear friend and devoted Man.Hat In. reader, Phil. He is a much sought after editor at the BBC in London and lover of life. As are we it seems since we just had the most fantastic day in rainy DUMBO complete with breakfast, bargain hunting at Brooklyn Flea and shooting a film for Phil.

Brooklyn Flea with great baked good from Choice Market

We met for brunch at Superfine. Helga's friend in the UK recommended the steak and eggs here via Facebook! And that is what we had. Delish. It is a cool space complete with Bluegrass band. And they even were kind enough to hold Helga's bags whilst we strolled around DUMBO. Full service place.

It was great to catch up. Helga is the General Manager of Fierce Earth in Birmingham, England and will be working with St. Anne's Warehouse here in New York. She is very talented and I love that she was a lawyer and ended up in the arts. It was all a path and she seems very happy to be on it. This is always inspiring to me. Plus she is the 37th MOST POWERFUL PERSON IN BIRMINGHAM. It was amazing to me she walked around Brooklyn unnoticed! Not for long...I will see her here and meet her husband in April of next year.

Doesn't she look like she just finished a ribbon cutting ceremony?

DUMBO always photographs like a matte painting for a movie, I think.

My first fully produced video. I know, I know--don't quit your day job (Psych! I don't have one!) and get into frame and hide those age spots. But otherwise pretty good first effort, eh? Helga is excellent and I think I shall have her in all my films.

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