Sunday, December 27, 2009

Early Morning, Trastevere

Got up and out this morning for one more "giro" around the piazza before setting sail for the new world.  This piazza, "David's" piazza, Santa Maria in Trastervere always feels like it would lend itself well to a time lapse photography piece:  the sun starts rising,  few early risers enter, a nun crosses herself and then the plaza, a gaggle of tourists materializes waiting for their guide's instructions.  The cafe raises its metal gates and opens for business.  The local gypsies set up for their day of begging making sure they have the tools of their trade:  cups and kids.  Soon there will be a flower vendor and a guitarist will play while sitting on the steps of the fountain.

Life begins here as it has for centuries and today I am a part of it all. 

I went inside the basilica which was built on the very spot where olive oil flowed the day Christ was born.  (Convenient. And tasty! ) I say a prayer of gratitude and I am indeed grateful to be part of this place and this moment and this day.  For tomorrow it will all happen without me. 

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