Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santacon NYC

I first encountered Santacon 2 years ago when I was sitting in front of a desk opening my checking account at Chase Bank in Astor Place. Seriously 100s of Santas appeared over the left shoulder of my oblivious Nigerian banker and I had to stop him and point. It was one of those thrilling moments when you know you live in a city with spunk. San Francisco had it. And I am sorry, but Los Angeles did not.

This year I am in the subway heading to the Bronx for bagpipe practice. I asked these Santas if I could take a photo. They were of course jolly and were delighted. I wanted the candid look of the way they were standing around in random spots with one stuffing her face and another looking at a map. Sort of rock album cover style. But asking Santas for a snap, one would have to assume they would gather and beam instead.

Still I think they make life grand.

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