Friday, December 4, 2009


Sometimes I think we wonder why our lives are not adding up. Okay, I should speak for myself here!

And sometimes to me it seemingly is not.

I mean I got good grades, a degree, have some professional experience and I don't have a brilliant career.


I lost weight and bought a nice car and I am single.


I say this partly in jest, but I did/do have those thoughts sometimes.

But then I think of the spotlight moments of my day, my life. And I am grateful for them. The "little things" people call them.

Today, for example.

I got up early and was walking through the West Village. IN NEW YORK CITY. THEE West Village.

Pretty cool.

I made coffee and worked at a cool desk overlooking the city.


I walked to the gym and took an amazing ab class. Great shower and steam.


I had a meeting/coffee regarding a possible job.

Great, perfect.

I then took the subway uptown and went on a second date.

Not bad. I am still interested! Woo HOO!

Home, bed. warmth. Peace.

All these pinpoints in my day were perfect and cozy and joyful.

And maybe some day they will add up OR they will stay as separate, lovely snapshots of a good life.

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