Saturday, December 19, 2009

Diner avec Olivier et Philippe et David et Moi

David and I were invited over to my friend Oliver's house in the 1st for dinner tonight.  Getting invited into someone's home in Paris (or anywhere for that matter) is just such a personal touch that I always enjoy.  It was great to see Olivier again and I got to meet his husband Philippe. They got "Civil Unioned" in September.  Philippe is a lovely and gracious guy and they both made us feel so welcome.

Olivier et Philippe

Their apartment in stunning with a (freezing) view on the terrace of Sacre Coeur, The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and about all of it.

We sat down to a lovely meal of Coquille St. Jacques and this amazing tomato tarte from Provence that had the bite of mustard between the tomatoes and the soft pastry.

Before dessert we had the obiligatory cheese plate which had this incredible brie with truffle. Wow.

We admired this painting they have by a French artist. I wish I could remember his name. He shows at the Place des Vosges they told me and I just loved this piece.  Olivier looked a lot like the man standing right by his nose in the painting so I took him in it.

Then it was time for Garage Band.  This is that computerized set up that is the rage the world o'er.  You can be a Beatle or a heavy metal dude. But you are graded.  I was a very, very poor George Harrison on the bass, but I loved every minute of my middle-aged rocker self!

A very fine evening and I was pleased to introduce David to Olivier and Philippe since they all live in Paris.

Oliver, Philippe, David

et voila.

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