Friday, December 18, 2009

Oy, Christmas Tree

The French seem to know how to do about everything right when it comes to style and design and Nutella on crepes, but they cannot seem to decorate a Christmas tree for amour nor argent.

First off the city does not seem to go in for grande when it comes to the spectacle that IS Christmas like in New York.  They are feeble in this department I must say.  And their trees are pathétique!  

They put on tinsel like they were throwing an Hermes scarf over a shoulder blindly. And balls hang in clusters as if afriad to go it alone proudly on a branch. And the flocking flocking! Enough already.

The tree below looks like it just got off a plane in Hawaii. 

For this City of Lights to not have huge and glorious trees and wonderful lights is just crimanal.  It IS the most beautiful city in the world after all.  Step it up Pareee!!

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