Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ciao Roma. David's Compleano

David and Carmine.  Way better trees in Rome than Paris!


I am in Rome now.  David and I flew Air France this afternoon.   We had his birthday lunch in Paris and his dinner was here in Rome at the home of his good friend's Carmine and Paolo.

What an excellent fest it was!  Elizabeth, another ex-pat American made a cheesecake as David's fave desserts are American.  And it was excellent.

Carmine made the rest of the meal: lasagne, two kinds of meat balls, fennel and orange salad, and coffee and dates and figs. Lovely.

I met Fabrizio and Benedetto as well as Tanno and Mima the two lovely big dogs.

David deserves a grand birthday because he is such a nice person.  It was clear that a lot of people love him and he has very wonderful friends in Rome who take good care of him.  I have to say it makes me happy to see that!

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