Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Single Man

No, this is not about me, this post. But aren't they all, really?

I saw Tom Ford's "A Single Man" at a screening today. He and his cast: Colin Firth, Julianne Moore and Nicholas Hoult were there for the Q &A.

This film is based on a Christopher Isherwood novel and is about a man whose lover dies in a car accident and he decides to take his own life.

I had expected to be on its side, this film, but I had not expected to like it so much. Colin Firth will be nominated for Best Actor for certain and I am sure there will be other nominations.

I think the big message for me is once again "Stay in the moment and enjoy the moment."

This is SO flaming hard. I got things to worry about or I am not being responsible!!!

Look around me, it is not the absence of Tom Ford-designed clothing, a vintage Mercedes, youth or a job or a lover. It is the presence of a lovely place to live, friends, a view, fairly decent health and possibility. And writing this blog right now. These are the building blocks that I can so easily hrust aside like a spoiled child in frustration over not having that pretty thing that is shining in the next window. And that shiny thing fades and I know that. But I don't trust that.

So today I am a single man living in New York City looking for work and living my life. A pretty good one, mind.

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Criticlasm said...

I'm so interested in this movie.

In the book, he's older, and I don't know that suicide is part of it. I don't remember it being, just more the mundane day in the life thing. I'm really interested.

Glad it affected you - love when art does that. Thanks for writing about it.