Thursday, December 3, 2009

This IS it!

Saw Michael Jackson's "This Is It" doc tonight. Excellent film. I thoroughly enjoyed it. But it reminded me of newsreel of passengers boarding the Titanic. They were all happy and hopeful and had no idea it was all going down.

These young dancers who get cast out of thousands of hopefuls talking on camera about how "Thriller" came out when they were like 5 years old and how they danced around to and and here they are going to be in a show with Michael. (If only I could have told Agnes deMille about my similar experiences with the "Carousel" album...)

Just such a talented man. He just had it in his marrow. As well as other things, I guess.

But this IS it. I have to remember that. Every minute of every day is IT. And I have to say it was a good one today. I am enjoying the lighting of the early morning in the west village and the sky and the silhouette cut outs of the New York skyline from my window. This IS it.

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Mary said...

Thank you for the reminder to appreciate, the moment; This IS it. every second counts. As my dad use to tell me, "Life is the sentence between the capital letter and the period." I hope my sentence, however, ends with an exclamation mark!