Thursday, December 17, 2009

La Bastille

David lives by the Bastille in the 11th. Once your turn a corner,  there before you is "Paris Backlot" meaning you walk right into the Paris you imagine in the films. There is the cafe, the pâtisserie, the brooding Frenchman on the motorbike, the crêpe place and that lovely architecture. Amazing.

We saw these snow people outside a cafe. I took the photo and a woman ran out and joked that I owed her a service charge for taking them as she made them. This was all in French with a lot of "comment?" 's from me so humour across languages as David remarked is difficult. Sigh.

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Phil Clarkson said...

I am so jealous...I love that area - and I'm sure you'll enjoy it round by the Marais...I went to a really nice Moroccan restaurant round the back of the Bastille - Le Souk in Rue Keller...

Le Yum...and if you want to splash out, both me 7 Helga are huge fans of Bofinger

C'est tres tres swanky in an art-deco stylee...I'm sure David will know it.

Thank you so much once more for the video postcard & for yuor blog - I'm just catching up on back episodes now! Havea wonderful time & a great Christmas