Friday, November 7, 2008

Ricky Gervais - NOT My Doppelgänger

The glamour just never ends. Now if I could only get the next job to match!

I went to a reception and screening of "Ricky Gervais, Out of England, the Stand Up Special" for BAFTA membership at HBO tonight. I love their screening room there. Just the perfect size. The cocktail area overlooks the stunning Bryant Park. It was especially cool tonight as you could see all the ice skaters below.

I took my friend Michael who was in from San Francisco for work. The special is hilarious. If you have HBO you won't want to miss it. My friend Allan Neuwirth moderated the Q & A with Ricky Gervais afterwards. Both he and Allan were fantastic. I felt as if we got another 45 minutes of a comedy special.

I found most interesting Ricky's (I'll call him Ricky) take on comedy and what works and what does not. And on Political Correctness. He was really well-spoken and thoughtful as well as off the cuff brilliantly funny. Many people say we look alike and it makes me long for the days when I got Toms Cruise and Selleck and Pierce Brosnan. Sorry Ricky.

Another person who never had a net and went for what he wanted. And worked hard. I was really impressed with him.

From his famous podcasts, not the special

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