Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cinnabon It

I learned a valuable lesson walking into Port Authority Bus Terminal tonight: If you are going to have a place that is ugly and depressing, Cinnabon It!!! Yes, that's right, just pump in that smell of sugar and cinnamon and all is right with the world. Like baking bread to sell you house, Cinnabon smell just makes places as skanky at the Port Authority much better. I think they should just pump that smell right into Penn Station while they are at it. That place is so ugly and depressing it screams for frosted goo smell. (Click on the link and see how beautiful the original was. It needed no Cinnabon smell. Crime they tore it right down.)

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Criticlasm said...

Did you know that the reason grand central was saved was that they tore down Penn Station and then regretted it? It's so sad. In the Amtrak area there are still some of the original railings, but it's such a squat horror.

And Cinnabon I've heard is also about the worst food you can eat. That's why it's so delicious!!