Saturday, April 25, 2009

Après Good Deeds

After our day of volunteering, Sean and I got on a bus in Harlem heading south to see what we could see. We got off around around 110th Street and Amsterdam and decided to go to The Cathedral of St. John the Divine. It is an imposing and amazing structure and is the largest cathedral in the world based on cathedral-measuring techniques. Construction was begun in 1892 and it remains unfinished.

There was a fire in December 2001 (as if New York City had not had enough that year) which caused a good portion of the church to be partitioned off. Today was the first time I saw it completely opened and it was magnificent.

For some reason the way the lighting was today, the outside of the church against the sky made it look like a 2 dimensional matte painting for a Hollywood movie. Quite surreal to behold. The sculpture here depicts heaven and hell and is surrounded by mini sculptures of Noah's Arc.

We also rewarded ourselves with a stroll through Morningside Park. It is an amazingly beautiful park and I have always loved the backdrop of it and do not go there often enough. But it does also possess a melancholy memory for me and I was surprised how it made me sad today as well! Oy vey NOOOO!


Sean in front of beautiful Morningside Park

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