Sunday, April 26, 2009


Was up on SOHA today. That is "South of Harlem" on the Upper West Side. Pretty soon every block will have its own cute anagram. What a beautiful area. People are happy there.

John threw Charlie's birthday at his place and we had the MOST AMAZING hamburgers BBQ'd in the backyard. I rarely type "backyard" when I am writing about Manhattan, but I actually sat out in one and ate a BBQ'd hamburger. It was incredible weather today and I wore shorts out for the first time this year.

Charlie is a great guy whom I met in NYC. He is President and CEO of World Leaders Entertainment. They do commercial, web and television animation. We never met through the animation biz, but we know so many people in common. Small world once again.

After Charlie's do, I went to the gym and people were using the wee park by Lincoln Center. I alwasy marvel at masses sitting on benches in nice weather for some reason. There is something that defies age or economic status about it. Life is in BLOOM once again.

I am so thrilled to live somewhere where there are such distinct seasons as I feel the pulse and thrill of anticipation in the air that does not come with year round beautiful weather. It is stirring quite frankly.

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