Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Paris, Rome, Pinched Nerve. 

These are reasons I have not been back to Zumba in a few months.  

I finally managed back to the Westside Y and Sam's Wednesday night zumba class this evening.  It burns calories and saves money on therapy for sure.

I realized tonight that I don't just go for the endorphins, but for the sense of belonging. If this class is symbolic of anything, it is symbolic of what makes New York so great: you can have a sense of family so many places.  I had not been in ages and it was like a reunion. There was Rachel and Lee and that woman who always dances behind me and the Japanese lady who has such a nice smile. And my friend who was in Nigeria for 3 weeks seeing her rels. We were all back and ready to MOVE!

What a fantastic night it was.

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