Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wet Socks

I have these shoes. They are not that old.  I threw away the receipt. They have cracks in the soles.  It rained. My socks sucked up the water and my feet were soaking.  It was the same sensation as getting into a wet bathing suit: uncomfortable, odd-feeling - a type of bad mushy.

Without being too metaphor about it, even though my socks were soaked and I was miserable as a result, I looked like everyone else on the street.  I had the proper coat, an umbrella, I was wearing pants.

But inside I knew I was not the same.  I was marinating in dirty rain water and I was not up to the task.  I was less than and miserable and trying to keep it all together to appear normal.  But I was drowning. 

I did a sane thing.  I went home and took off my shoes and socks and got dry.  

Now to do that with my brain.

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