Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Living La Vida Local

In my mind I go to the Union Square Farmer's market for seasonal produce and Murray's Cheese and that butcher next door on Bleecker and some amazing bakery for dinner rolls right out of their century-old oven. And I transport all this home on a bike with a basket while waiving to familiar shop keepers who are sweeping the sidewalk in front of their establishments. 

In reality I make the trek to Trader Joe's once a fortnight and stand in the Soviet-style food check out line for mango chunks and frozen potstickers. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Trader Joe's to an obsessive degree, but it ain't Paris. Or New York. But what is?

If I were Carrie Bradshaw I would write, "Can one really find and live the New York of their imaginations and if so, does anyone have the time?"

Today I was strolling past Porto Rico Importing Company after a job interview and I decided to pop in.  It is like popping back in time as well - a plus in my book.  They have sacks and sacks of coffees and all at reasonable prices.  I got an excellent French Columbian for $5.99/pound.  This is not today's 12 oz, but a real old fashioned pound.  The woman behind the counter was really nice and we spoke about the flat filter vs. the cone and if grinding to #4 was really as racey as it sounded. 

Instead of getting the thrifty coffee special at Westside Market (which ain't half bad) I could stroll a few more blocks (key words: "a few more blocks") and get my coffee from a purveyor that has been around over a century.

What will it be?

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