Wednesday, January 27, 2010


English Bay. Lovely.

This morning we docked at Antigua.   The plan was to tour a bit by car and then end up on a swimming pool-style beach with hotel ashtray level white sand and then back on board the amazing Crystal Symphony.

We got the tour okay, but it was about 3 hours of goats and shanty towns and primary schools and police stations.  Vernon, our guide ensnared about 6 of us and took on an endless journey. We did catch a glimpse of the beautiful English Bay and he did take us through Fig Tree Drive, which is supposed to be the 17 Mile Drive of the Caribbean, but it was just lushness and more goats.  I know I sound like a spoiled Westerner.  (Shoe fits?), but I have to report it as I see it. 


Ellie and I were both dying to get back on board our beloved ship.  The beach he promised us was indeed beautiful but right at that moment the heavens opened and it would have been insane to get out of the van.  We got back to the ship and had salmon burgers and ice cream poolside. True paradise.

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Brad said...

I love goats. So cute! IT all looks beautiful