Thursday, January 21, 2010


Met my friend Jage Toba today for a chat.  A professional, what's going on, what are you up to, anything happening style chat.

We had one of these before which was quite fruitful, but it was at Le Pain Quotidien which about anybody can do. But what about "Why don't you meet me at my club and we'll have tea and talk?"  Now that is harder to pull off.  I certainly cannot offer up this line unless you want to me at the Y, but Jage is a member of Norwood on West 14th Street in Chelsea.

It is a club that, well, that uh.  Oh, here is their blurb:

Norwood is a private club that draws its membership from the creative arts and in addition to basic sustenance aims to provide members with a salon of discovery through talks, tastings and stimulating events as well as being an active sponsor of creative talent in the New York area.

Norwood is in an old, sprawling "Upstairs/Downstairs" townhouse that has the feel of a British club, but it is artsy more than Wooster/Jeevesy. And from the website I thought it would be severely pretentious artsy, but it was pretty casual.

We had a good visit and he showed me around the place. It really is quite cozy and lovely and I want to join so I can go back there and be on my laptop having tea in the lounge when it is snowing outside.

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Criticlasm said...

Tea and snowing! I have yet to discover "cozy" in LA. I think you need cold weather. Cozy!