Thursday, January 14, 2010

Time Stands Still

Me with Jerry and Maryann

What a night!  I got the "gold ticket" and was invited to be a special guest for the evening to my friends' subscription series at the Manhattan Theatre Club to see "Time Stands Still" by Donald Margulies starring Laura Linney, Eric Bogosian, Brian D'Arcy James and Alicia Silverstone.  Jennifer and Jerry kindly hosted me and it was such a great evening to be out in the bracing weather embracing all the that New York has to offer. 

Feeling kicked in the teeth lately, I welcomed the escape into a play about a couple who cover wars for a living but are back in New York because she almost died in a roadside bombing and he had a breakdown and now their relationship has landmines all over it.

Half Dennis, Jerry, Gary, Jennifer, Beth

Avant théâtre,  a few of us had pizza at Angelo's in the Ed Sullivan/David Letterman building.  I supped with Jerry and Greg and Maryann, whom I met for the first time.  Topics:  unemployment, dating, prostitution and basil.  And, no, we didn't tie them all together.

(I will take a moment here to plug Maryann's boyfriend's high end handmade furniture business in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  - check it out at  )

Williamsburg became a thread for the evening as the play ended up being set there. 

I think one of my favorite things about theatre in New York is pouring out onto the street afterwards.  You just feel part of something.  And when other theatres are pouring out around you at the same time it can feel like VJ Day and I just want to dip a nurse and kiss him.

Jerry, Gary, Maryann, Greg, Beth, Dennis, Jennifer, me, Rachel

For those who were there, notice I have not mentioned Tariq once in this post.  I write as if he were not even part of our evening.  I act as if he never existed because I can't stand the thought of him.  How could you?!  How could you?!


Anonymous said...

Yeah - I made the blog! xoxox Jennifer

Criticlasm said...

Who's Tariq?