Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hola Tortola!

Land Ho! 

Woke up this morning with a lush green island right outside my bedroom window.  The amazing thing about cruises is the scenery always changes. We had not seen land in a few day and here was this ISLAND!  Magnificent feeling.

I had a run around the top deck listening to that song "Gypsy" by Shakira and just loved every second of being alive even though I felt dwarfed by the massive Royal Caribbean right next to us. People in this next ship sat out on their balconies and waived! Very neighborly.

Upon debarkation, Ellie and I took a treacherous taxi trip over the mountain to the beach at Cane Garden Bay.  Lovely beach. Swam in the aqua ocean and read a book.  I stayed shaded and loved the relaxing feeling.  Ellie took the sun as only she can.  This is where our people are clearly from different tribes!

Then it was back on board the ship for lunch!   Gee it is always nice to get home.

What is the rest of the world doing?

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