Friday, January 22, 2010

Manhatin Goes Miami

Ellie and I left the frigid Northeast for the tropical climes of the Florida and beyond today.  (Okay, it wasn’t that frigid, but it makes for a more dramatic contrast.)

I truly could not believe the aqua-hued water directly below the plane as we flew into Miami, however. I felt so pastywhite-dorky seeing it. Like we were in an episode of Law & Order that was off to do a sweeps-week special in Florida as we would land in fish out of water winter clothing. 

Tomorrow we set sail on the Crystal Symphony, but tonight it is reunion time!  It was a total "This Is Your Life Ellie Krach" evening. Ellie’s nephew Bernie and his wife Susan picked us up at the airport.   Just seeing Ellie in action makes me realize how she really is the matriarch of her family and they all love her for it. They were both so, so nice. I really enjoyed meeting them.

 Ellie and her beloved nephew, Bernie

Next up on “This Is Your Life Ellie, Miami Edition” was a reunion with Ellie's dear friend Claudia. She and Ellie had not seen each other in 38 years until tonight!  I do not know why they don’t re-do that show, because this stuff gets me every time! Seeing them hug was just so moving. You know you can't possibly feel what they feel, but that is what makes it so moving!

 Ellie and Claudia. 

We all had dinner together and the stories flew.  Claudia and Ellie met on a cruise ship when Claudia was Ellie’s future husband Bill’s singing partner! That is some history there.  And Bernie grew up in Manhattan and was a real part of Ellie’s family growing up.  It was wonderful to hear all the stories about that.

So much history, so many memories and more keep getting made.  I never tire of tales of yore even if I have no straight connection whatsoever.  Stories are ties to the past and keep long gone loved ones alive and remind us that we have lived.  They also remind me how important it is to keep making more.  And tonight we did.

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