Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Anniversaries - Celebratory and Not

January 6th.  A day that will remain in, well, the calendar.

Today marks the one year anniversary of my downfall into floppy-faced, staggering madness.  On this wintry night (camera does the 1960's dream wipe) last year I met Ron to see "Pal Joey" starring Stockard Channing at Studio 54.   I knew my cold was bad, but I didn't want to be a drag so I just showed up.  It was a particularly bad production which didn't help.  By the time I got home I had a full out bad-ass cold and a major headache.  Vomiting began.  In a very biblical way, it lasted 3 days and 3 nights.  Then on the morn aft the third night, half my faced ceased to move like it had been dragged down a cubit or two by oxen.  I was stricken with the cursed palsy de Bell.  And then three days hence the world began to twirl and I was felled with the vertigo.

It has been a long slog and in one year my face is back about 98.64% and I only stagger a little.  It is a miracle, frankly because I tell you I thought it was my new way of living; it was hard to believe I would ever get better.  Whatta year!

But today also marks my friend and fellow blogger Lexa's birthday.  Happy Birthday, Lexa!  And the guy I have been dating who I have not gotten to the stage of our relationship to tell him I have a blog! (Dr. Freud, what does that mean? ) Happy Birthday, C!!  And my pal Pat's 50th was today!  He looks amazing for an old man!! A bunch of us gathered with Pat at Crispo on W. 14th Street and I have to say it is my new favorite place!  The food is great.  I had the all-pork extravaganza meal offset by polenta and some beans.  Fantastic.  I will go back. The menu selections are about everything I love in an Italian restaurant.  Happy Birthday, Pat.

Well, that wraps this eventful day.  I will never forget this date. Ever.

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Lexa said...

Aw, thanks.

I'm glad you're almost back to new. And I'm sorry "Pal Joey" sucked so bad. Wow.

p.s. tell the dude about your blog!