Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wedding Day

T-shirt weather in Ireland is a rarity and to have it on your wedding day is a miracle.  Corinne and Denis were definitely shined upon today.  We had lovely weather at the church in Kilbride, Co Meath.  So lovely in fact, my cousin Justin, Corinne's da had a ice cream van serving vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries to all the guests upon exiting the church.  (I think a Mr. Softee van could increase church attendance!)

Corinne was lovely and the wedding a wonderful.

I took off in the limo with the bridesmaids (planned, I was the piper!) and we crossed counties to Cavan and arrived at the reception at Cabra Castle.

I got see loads of rels and had a great time at such a wonderful feast and celebration.

My wee cousin Justin had the time of his life getting drenched in the chocolate fountain.  He was quite proud of his messy self!  What a lad.

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