Friday, June 11, 2010

Fidelma's, Dunshaughlin

My cousin Fidelma and my common law cousin Declan took me to Fidelma's in Dunshaughlin this morning for a fry, or fry up or proper Irish breakfast.  Whatever you want to call it.

This place already has deserved write-ups on-line and I heard from my other cousins that I would never be able to eat the large fry.  (Like the Three Little Bears they offer the large, medium and small frys)

The large consists of:

Two eggs
4 rashers of bacon
4 sausages
Black pudding
White pudding
Brown bread

Save for some of the ample portion of chips I ate it all!!!  It was a triumph.  And not only is this breakfast HUGE, heart attack-inducing and all around piggy, it is excellent!  I will think about this place and come here every time I come "home."  It is that good.

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