Friday, June 18, 2010

"Paper Engineering: Fold, Pull, Pop, and Turn”

A new exhibit opened at the National Museum of American Historian in Washington D.C.  It is an exhibit about the art and history and how-to of pop-up books entitled:   "Paper Engineering: Fold, Pull, Pop, and Turn.”

Some fantastic stuff is on display and I highly recommend you check this out.

I know this is not a New York event I am plugging, but a New York filmmaker and good friend of mine, Sean McGee, directed and produced the excellent video that loops during the exhibit.

The video explains in a straightforward manner how pop-up books are made and features another talent and friend, Chuck Fischer, a well-known pop-up book master. 

The exhibit is on now until September 1, 2011, so no excuses!  Plus it is DC so it is FREE!!


Lexa said...

I like your new format!

easca said...

WOW! Way to go, Sean. I really enjoyed your film.