Thursday, June 17, 2010

Play Me I'm Yours

I was coming back from the Hudson River after a good practice session on my bagpipes (where else can a New York bagpiper practice? Ideas?)  and I passed through the Chelsea Market to get some brown rice sushi.   I saw a piano in there and a little girl was playing it.  "How delightful," I thought.

It seems this is part of an art installation in New York by an English artist where pianos are placed all over the city now until July 5th.   Check out locations and get more info here.

When we don't think we make a difference then you read that someone came up with this idea.  And it is realized.  And people connect with it. 

I am always amazed by people and music.  It is a love connection.  And I really enjoyed this clip from England where this installation took place and they gathered all types and sang Hey Jude to someone playing the piano.  It makes me realize how quickly it is all over and how lovely that meanwhile I can be a part of this.

Maybe we should leave bagpipes all over town?!!

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Helgah said...

Quick connection here - Fierce, the festival I worked for was the first commissioner of Play Me I'm Yours. I was privileged to work with the artist Luke Jerram and we had 15 pianos in Birmingham England during May 2008. It is a lovely project and so simple yet revolutionary. Check out for some great pictures and media coverage.