Friday, June 25, 2010

Ann Craven

Ann Craven for you losers who are not hip and do not know is a really hot artist who had a show recently at Macarone in the West Village in New York.  The New Yorker wrote up a really glowing piece about her and this show, but I cannot find it on line to link it for you. Who is the loser now?

I only say losers to elevate myself. I didn't know who she was until I was introduced to her by my friend Ellie. We had lunch with her and her artist partner, Peter Halley.   What a great afternoon that was. 

We went to see her show today and it was wonderful. Wonderful!

She painted a series of roses in a vase.  These large scale, almost monochrome, paintings were hung in one room and in an adjacent gallery hung their mirror images that the artist did from memory.  The whole effect was quite striking.  I am sad for some reason that this whole rose family cannot stay together and pieces from the show are sold individually.

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