Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Home for me is New York City. Today I am home.

But...Home is Ireland. Home is Scotland.  Home is San Francisco.

I have a lot of homes (but no real estate!) for a lot of reasons, but where I choose to hang my hat (and not my head!) is New York. 

That being said, when I was in Ireland outside my grandmother's house standing with my two cousins I knew that there was home there too.  The "it's in me bones" factor happens in certain places for me very strongly and Ireland is one clearly.  It is a longing feeling, but this time in a good way.  A be/longing feeling, if you will.


Today I awoke not in Ireland as I had yesterday, but in Manhattan. Yesterday there were cows mooing outside my window; today, sirens.  How can that be?  It is called air travel, I know, but spiritually, emotionally it all seems wrong.  Like one needs a detox or a re-entry program.

And people expect you to just get back into the swing ASAP.  And I get that, but I can't do that. 

But I picked myself up, started my day, got milk (from a deli fridge, not a cow) and no one gave two figs that I was walking through green fields thousands of miles away less than 24 hours ago. Nor should they.

These moments are for the individual only to cherish and notice.  This bridging feeling and processing where I have been and what I experienced are for me alone. 

As they are for you when when you go to Switzerland and try to tell me about eating muesli with Gretchen just 20 hours ago.  I don't care, get back to work!!!

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easca said...

Welcome back. I just got back from Holland and my re-entry consisted of connecting flights in Dulles Airport. The whoa horsies - I'm not in lovely Utrecht anymore - was hastened by seeing three lifesize cutouts standing together of the President, the First Lady, and F'ing Sarah Palin??? Sarah's not even an elected official. Then I noticed all the fat people. I sat next to a guy at the bar scrolling through photos of dead Gulf animals covered in oil. Everyone in Holland owns a bike and looks happy. I really wonder what we're doing in the US. We need to check out other people's "homes" and realize that there are options. By the time I landed in SF, I was greeted by a wonderful family excited about all of the presents I had for them. That was fun re-entry.