Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fidelma - Mythical Island Princess

My cousin Fidelma will not allow me to take her photo.  She certainly wouldn't want it posted here.

Though I cannot visually prove I even have a cousin Fidelma,  those out there in cyberland will just have to believe.

This mythical cousin in this mythical country.

I would not really be here in Ireland if it weren't for our friendship in so many ways.  I feel blessed that we got to know each other after my mum died and I was able to come back to Ireland to a family wedding.  It started it all. She came out to New York City and here I am back for another family wedding.

This time we started our genealogy investigations and we got to have longer to hang out and chat.  I liked that a lot.

I think she thinks I am insane and I think she is insane and that is why it works.

She is a woman of a lot of words and few words.  Here are some:  "Hm."  "Mm." Mm-mm" and the two-syllable negation: "No-ah!"

Here are some expressions that I learned from her that I quite like:

A reaction to therapy:  "Build a bridge and get over it."

A reaction to being taken advantage of:  "I was born at night, but not last night."

Today I had to say goodbye after such a great visit.  I will miss her, but I will see her again somewhere and that is good. 

Fidelma's shoes.

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