Thursday, June 24, 2010

BAFTA Digital Media Panel

Tonight was the night after mucho dates switches and hard work.

I produced (with the help of many) a panel called "Master Class:  Who Changed the Channel: the Digital Media Landscape in 2010."  It was for BAFTA East Coast.  The event was held at this great space called The Scandinavia House on Park Avenue South which has a wonderful theatre and a lovely reception area with outdoor space.  (Not to mention Scando store and restaurant!)

I could not have asked for a better panel or moderator.  The conversation was lively, interesting and much more in depth that I had imagined. I learned a lot.

Here was my excellent line up:


Shelly Palmer. Host of "Digital Life with Shelly Palmer"


Rob Barnett, Founder and CEO, My Damn Channel

Albie Hecht, 
CEO, Worldwide Biggies

Kenny Miller, Co-Founder, Starling TV

Emil Rensing, Chief Digital Officer, EPIX

They were asked by Shelly what one website they are excited about right now and here is the list for your perusal:

ob Barnett  of  "My Damn Channel"

Albie Hecht  of " Worldwide Biggies'

Kenny Miller of "Starling TV"

Emil Rensing of "EPIX"

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