Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New York City - No End of Rope

If one were between jobs is New York City a good place to be?

It is expensive as hell.  But you don't need a car.

It is a have/have not competitive jungle. But you can pay a dollar to get into the Met.

Central Park has benches/Central Park has benches.

Lately (like for a long ass while) I have had no new ideas.  This makes me panic.

In the movie version of this there is an inciting incident (like war, kidnapping, switched briefcase, dropped glove, missing glass slipper) that gets the protagonist moving after being totally beaten in the knees and he then gets the job/girl/boy/houseboat/key to the city/release of prisoners/secret recipe/cure/magic powers/operation/buried treasure/recognition by his peers.

Someone asked me if I would go back to California since this is "not working out."  Like jobs are falling off trees in California.

In many ways it IS working out. I love it here. I am happy here. 

If one has to be between jobs, New York is an excellent place to be.  When I crawl from under a rock in Central Park I see that there are endless possibilities here.  It never ends.  Something goes away, something else replaces it.

This includes careers.  There is something out there for me.  That I could love, that I am good at.  Gotta keep looking.

Or get kidnapped by aliens and learn to love again.

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Robin Palmer said...

Can I just mention that you've travelled more than anyone I know since you've moved here? ;)