Friday, June 25, 2010


I will be cryptic here.  Intentionally.  I always think cryptic is intentional, but often it is unintentional and sometime pathological.

No earth shattering news here:

I went out on a date.  We played tennis and went to dinner.  Normal.  Fun even!

It was a fourth date if anyone is counting.  I like dating.

That was not cryptic, that was lying.   I hate dating.

Well, not dating so much. I hate the not being able to see the bubble over the other person's head and I spend so much time looking for it that I can miss the moment. And my own feelings on the matter.

I wrote on my Facebook status once what was in my head and I thought was a funny joke: "I'll like you if you like me!"  Sadly, this is only half a joke. 

Dating is about discovery.  But I seem to think it is about destiny. It is not.  It is about getting to know the other person and seeing if it is a match. Sadly I seem to need to be hit over the head.  Nothing less than skywriting and a singing telegram (lyrics that you composed yourself) will prove to me that you are into this. Sigh.

But there is no bubble and there is no skywriting. I am flying solo on this thing and must learn that if it is working it is working. 

But what does "working" mean exactly?


Lexa said...


Lexa said...

Congrats on getting to a fourth date--that's pretty cool.