Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer in the City

Tonight was one of those magical, all-is-possible New York summer nights.  My friend Jerry, who is on the board for the Anti-Violence Project, invited me to their summer fundraiser at the historic Stonewall Inn in the West Village. 

The joint was hopping and once I got past "Everyone is SO young" and "It is SO loud," I met a load of really great people and had a ball.  (Once again a good attitude is KEY, I find.  And then I don't find and have to find again.) 

A cousin of Jerry's is Ed Valentine. He is a writer and nominated for a daytime Emmy this year.  In fact he is on a plane tomorrow to LA to see if he and his writing partners win.  Good luck tomorrow, Ed.

From my years in children's television we knew so many people in common.  I even know his agent! 

I saw my pal Sam and met some dear Facebook friends.  I met one guy once before and he told me he loves my postings!  So modern this Facebook - To know me by my blurbs is to know me.   He told me that he went to Kenya, but I knew that.

Christine Quinn, City Council Speaker,  spoke and she was wonderful. What a good speaker. I was impressed how well she knew her audience, topic, etc. when she has to speak to so many different groups.  To be on-topic, on-message and warm and friendly and compassionate and sensitive is a skill. believe. Or read about so many politicians who don't have an ounce of it.

I walked out into the summer night a BUZZ with people and life and the credits rolled and the camera lifted on a crane and I walked happily home.

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