Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vienna Waits for You.

My 13 readers have all but left.  My blog is in tatters. For over 2 years I have never missed a day of blogging until now.  I was on a ship and the internet costs were crazy.  Much like the Oscars or the Olympics during the war years, I had to sign off.   But I have now gone back and plugged in what I can. So if you like have a wee gaze back.

Now I am back and more confused than ever.  What am I blogging for? What is this blog about?  If you answer "Myself" and "Me" respectively I guess you would be right, but I say "Ouch.  Truth hurts.

Had a FANTASTIC trip with my friend Ellie through the Mediterranean and over the Alps ending in Vienna before heading home.    I saw so many incredible places.  Travel is more important to me than I previously thought.  It awakens me, I guess.

That having been said, coming back to New York awakens me too.  As if having a trial separation with a city I was married to, I realize I want to renew my vows.   The feeling of being back here is wonderful.  I love the buildings, the taxis, the steam, the bodegas and of course my apartment and my roommate and my step cat and dog.  

To be able to have breakfast in Vienna and go to sleep in New York is to be alive and fortunate. 

Even more so, to have totally enjoyed a trip and also be completely happy to be home is bliss. 


Abigail said...


Thank you for the wonderful descriptions and photos. Looking forward to meeting you sometime.


Criticlasm said...

Glad you're back and you look fabulous. ;)

Phil Clarkson said...

Don't stop blogging Pat - your gentle readers look forward to your musings! Welcome back to NYC..