Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"There's Nothing Sexier Than a Lapsed Catholic"

This quote is from Woody Allen's Alice.  If that is true, I am Brad Pitt turning in his collar as he leaves the seminary! 

I had never seen this film and watched it tonight.  It is raining outside and I am full of the cold and what could be better than to be on the couch under a blanket with the cut-out skyline of Manhattan out my window as I watch a Woody Allen film shot in New York?  Perfection. 

I really, really liked it a lot.  It hit some of my themes. I shan't get into them.

I remember seeing Hitchcock's "Rear Window" at an arthouse cinema in San Francisco in 1983 and Mamet's "Glengarry Glenross" at the Curran Theatre in SF with my dad in 1985.  Those were two moments in my life where I felt inspired to write and create and actually thought it was possible.

Tonight was the same.  So it was 25 years later, so what.  (Alice wanted to be a writer, but she went to India to work with Mother Theresa instead.  MT is dead so I will have to write.) 

Tonight was perfect and I was perfect it in it. 

Even if like Alice, I have to lose 10 pounds....

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