Sunday, May 16, 2010


My friend Martine said the only reason why she was coming to New York was to make it into my blog.

I believe her.

I suspect there are many others like her.

Well, this lovely lady has made it.  She is "blogworthy." She is a TOPIC and TAGGED in "Manhatin."

Martine and I have known each other since the heady (meaning lots of boozing good times) San Francisco daze and then she and her husband Adam put me up when I first moved to LA to become a writer (meaning get an assistant job.) We all lived in LA for a long while until I moved EAST.  It was so sad to say goodbye.  We cried.

And here I am having Martine staying at my swank Village pad! It is so exciting.  I think we have that friendship where 12 years pass and the first thing you say is ""oh and then she..." as if the sentence no longer needed starting.

Had breakfast at Cafe Gitane at the Jane Hotel with Cheline and Sean.  Cheline texted the owner in Paris and got us a table during the packed brunch scene. Quite amazing.  This again is in the hotel where the survivors of the Titanic were put up.  (At the risk of sounding snarky I bet their waitress was nicer.)

We had great day of walking and chatting and loving life, no, valuing life.  A day of valuing life.  It was great.

Saw the Renaissance Street Singers perform.

And hung out in Washington Square Park.  Should go here more.

This evening we both cried while dining at Picolo Angolo on Hudson Street. It was perfect.  Right out of a movie.  She was played by Michelle Pfeiffer and I was, of course, by some dreamy intellectual actor. Oh and we laughed.  Actually we laughed and cried.  Laughing and crying I find is best when New York is your backdrop.  You imagine Henry James and Edith Wharton laughed and cried here.

Oh and I hacked because I am now officially sick.  But still having Martine visit is a ray oh sunshine.  A cough drop and tea with honey.  A Kleenex box with aloe. 

I hope she comes back so we can laugh and cry some more.

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