Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"I Want to be a Producer..."

Ron and I were at the Producer's Guild's "Night of the Producer" event tonight. It was a conversation with Denis Leary and Jonathan Demme.   I love them both and they were great together.  Denis Leary is really a brilliant writer and actor.  I love, love "The Ref" and "Rescue Me" and "The Job."  Jonathan Demme is an Oscar winning director.  Not only did he direct "Silence of the Lambs' but also probably my all time fave concert film "Stop Making Sense" featuring The Talking Heads, on of my fave bands.

This was held at theatre in the Scholastic offices on Broadway.  Yes, Scholastic from your youth - Clifford the Big Red Dog and, of course, Harry Potter. There was a FABU reception afterwards on the rooftop. Of course I should have had my camera, but imagine a southern Manhattan downtowny view with water towers and sky scrapers of yore.  Sort of like a David Letterman background.  It was amazing. 

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