Monday, May 17, 2010

Hopes and Dreams and Visions

I have been back in New York just over a week and I have really tried to just get back into action.  And then I got landed with this dreadful cold.  I had real plans for today.  I have bagpipe practice tonight and I planned to blow my pipes at Pier 54 as I usually do. I just started as a US Census Enumerator and I planned to get some hours in counting people.  I was going to go to MOMA with Martine.

Dashed all. Woah is me.  Sean gave me some roomie/friend tough love and here I sit, frustrated, restless, anxious and sick.  I see all the other kids playing outside and I cannot.

But this cough and could are doozies. 

Instead of accomplishment, participation and earning money, I am under a blanket watching Rebecca.

1 comment:

Criticlasm said...

a) love Rebecca
b) nice bowl
c) feel better _ I just had a crappy one, but now a week later I feel better. So it will pass. :)