Saturday, May 1, 2010


Okay raise your hands.  Who among you has had a lifelong obession to go to Albania. Remember that country that you weren't allowed to even look at when you were toting your "Let's Go Europe" book in your backpack along the Adriatic?

Well, here I was fatter, greyer and on a cruise ship docking at this mysterious country.  We were in the town of Sarande.  Sad to say this town had not a lot going for it.  It looked like the whole place was designed by one Eastern block architect in the 1980's.  The WHOLE place done in one tacky Butterick pattern. 

I guess Albania has a lot of catch up to hook the tourist trade, but if it plays its cards right and listens to me, it could be the next Croatia.

The one sort of relic thing in town: (I will translate for you: "Culture Monument".)

Sarande, Albania's version of the Spanish Steps:

The real Spanish Steps across the street in Rome, Italy

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