Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sex and the City 2

I guess it warrants writing about this film here since the series is so iconically seemingly "New York."  I went with friends to the 10pm screening opening night in Chelsea. The demo was clear: single straight women, gay guys, women with poor unsuspecting boyfriends. 

I ended up just a poor unsuspecting single gay guy. 

Where the series covered in a very over the top, but fun way, the lives of 4 young single women trying to make it in New York,  this film had 3 of four of the leads married and two dealing with kids.   (No offense readers, but who wants to see that?!)

It was dreadful and leaden and just long and BAD.  No amount of beading could save this film from its meandering hopelessness. Talk about lost in the desert (The women go to Abu Dhabi - the new Palm Springs.)

Sarah Jessica Parker is a producer on the series and she had some really bad, haggard shots. Let's face it we are all getting older, but still there is proper lighting and angles. Especially when you are a producer.  Barbra Streisand would never have allowed it.

I did see Michael Patrick King, the writer/director, in the health food store on 6th Avenue last week.  I wonder what he was thinking.

I could go on, but then I would be as endless as the film itself.   As I wrote on my Facebook, this film was not "Sex and the City" but more "Spanks and Self Pity." 

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